Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 1.

That's right, this is day one. 

Day one of truly giving thought to what I will do with my life after I graduate in April. Bear with me though because this is going to be a long and slow process; don't say I didn't warn you. What I'm hoping for is that there will be many more days over the next few weeks/months just like today. Days where I'm spending time without any distractions, really searching for the right decision for my future.

It seems fitting that the first thing I should do is list my options (or what I currently see as my options) and start listing pros and cons. This list is definitely a work in progress. I'm sure I will be adding and taking away things from the list as times goes on.

But without further a do, here we go.

Option #1- Graduate, study for my RD exam, pass exam, AND find a job as a dietitian

PROS: make $, start paying off student loans, use my degree, immediately start getting experience
CONS: not sure what area of nutrition best suits me, worried I won't "enjoy work", not full time ministry

Option #2- STINT, spend a year overseas doing ministry

PROS: Get to travel, embrace a culture that I LOVE, share Jesus with people, has eternal significance
CONS: RAISING SUPPORT, not career related/not using my degree, leaving my family/friends for a year, out of the norm, will be uncomfortable at times

Option #3- intern with CRU, stay at UC doing campus ministry 

PROS: the staff team is AWESOME, passionate about the ministry, share Jesus with people, help meet a need for women on campus
CONS: RAISING SUPPORT, fear of staying in the states and doing ministry will be a constant reminder that I'm not using my degree

Option #4- AmeriCorps or something similar for a year

PROS: getting to love and serve people in need, I'd receive a stipend
CONS: don't know enough about programs and opportunities yet

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